• A. Kulakov Russian Academy of Sciences& now at Institute of Functional Economic Systems.



Non-Ideal Quantum Plasma, Modern Energy, Energy Release Mechanism, New State of Matter - Quantum Plasma Condensate, Alternative, Clean, Natural-like, Efficient, Renewable, And Stable Fundamentally New Source of Energy, Plasma Combustion of Fuels, Purification of The Planet’s Ecosphere


When using existing industrial technologies, a very high price of energy resources remains, due to their imperfection and the need to heat almost all fixed assets, as well as a lack of resources to restore the disturbed balance between the biosphere and the technosphere, caused by the lack of highly efficient cycle technologies: mining, production of useful products from them, rational use of these products and, finally, its utilization. Of what is extracted from the land, 95% goes either to intermediate consumption or buried. The world is in a state where the environmental damage of technology has exceeded the capabilities of the Earth. With the preservation of existing industrial technologies, resources in the world are becoming less and less, humanity has nothing to pay for cleaning and restoring the environment. Only new technologies and new resources will save humanity from collapse. The solution lies in finding a new alternative, renewable, harmless and sustainable source of energy, the very use of which is an industry for the processing and destruction of created waste - recycling, comparable in volume with the entire transport and energy complex. In this case, it is possible to stabilize the world at the current level of consumption and implement the idea of sustainable development. 

This article, based on the results of fifty years of work of author on development of breakthrough energy technologies in theory and practice of a non-ideal, close to non- degenerate plasma, started with PhD in Physics & Mathematics A.A. Rumiantsev who, unfortunately, passed away in 1990. Author predicted and confirmed the existence of a fundamentally new state of physical matter - quantum plasma nanocondensate - liquefied plasma, combining the properties inherent in standard liquid and ionized plasma - a fundamentally new, effective, and harmless energy source, the use of which helps reduce the pollution caused by waste. Purification of planet Earth, which has been contaminated to the limit, in some areas of which gas contamination, slagging, and municipal waste exceed all permissible norms, will lead to a boost in the immune system of the population, which will make it possible for humans to exist safely.

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A. Kulakov , Russian Academy of Sciences& now at Institute of Functional Economic Systems.

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